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While most homeowners know what a water softener is, a lot of them do not know exactly what it does or even what soft and hard water are. Hard water is when there is a high level of the minerals magnesium and calcium in your water. Hard water can cause a lot of issues in your home and you may not have even realized what it is doing. Some of the issues that hard water can cause include clogged pipes, spotty dishes, and laundry that just doesn’t seem to ever get clean. These issues are why a home water softener Overland Park KS is so important. 

Because of the buildup that hard water can cause in the pipes in your home, it can make it so appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines don’t operate as well as they should be. If your water heater is not working as it should it can cause your electric and gas bill to be higher than usual. This alone is enough to want the water in their home to be soft

Hard water can also cause problems with your skin and comfort because of the buildup of soap scum. It can make your skin feel itchy and dry and your hair can look dull as well. When it comes to clothes, hard water can leave them looking dingy and feeling scratchy no matter how clean you try to get them. 

Water softeners remove positively charged ions from the water in your home and then anti-scale systems transform calcium ions so they do not easily stick to the sides of your pipes. This can prevent some major clogs in your home which can save you money when it comes to repair bills. Here are just some of the other benefits of using a water softener. 

When you use a water softener, you can look forward to softer clothes. Clothes washed with soft water just feel more comfortable and look cleaner. In addition, your clothes will actually last longer when washed in soft water and you don’t have to worry about your whites turning dingy and gray as quickly. 

Your dishes will look shinier when washed with water that has been softened. In addition, if you wash your car at home it will also look shinier because your water will not have the excess of minerals that cause spotting. Anything shiny that you wash with the water from your home will just look better. 

While you may consider a water softener an investment, it can save you a good deal of money in the long run. All of your appliances that use water can potentially have a longer life when they are ran with soft water. Also, as mentioned previously, appliances that have been running with hard water tend to not run as efficiently and will cost more money to operate. While you may not see a huge return on your investment immediately, over time you will see that your investment has paid off.


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