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What ends up happening is that certain clothes and accessories become really trendy. These sorts of things usually tend to be more expensive. You start to see everyone wearing the same thing, like clones. All of a sudden, everyone is wearing the same jacket from the same brand, or the same exact type of shirt from the same brand, or the same shoes, or the same accessories. The problem with this is that things that become trendy don’t look good on everyone, and you just get a bunch of people who look comparably worse when compared to other people who look better in such styles. Another problem is that some styles become attached to certain types of people, attitudes or scenes. You may think that you are being cool or trendy, but someone else might think that you are stuck up and materialistic. 

The moral to this story is to not follow the herd. Don’t wear things just because they are trendy—wear them because they look and feel good on your body. You don’t want to be that person who stands next to a person with the same outfit and is the one who looks worse. 

Modesty Is Sometimes Better 

You don’t always have to show skin or be really flamboyant to look attractive. In fact, sometimes a Modest White Dress can make you look your most attractive. Sometimes, very few to no accessories are ideal. There are times when the most covered up, least flamboyant woman is the most tasteful and attractive. However, modesty should not be a tool shame other people or to feel shame. If you wag your finger at other people for not “being modest,” as if you are a Puritan, you have it all wrong. 

Age Is No Barrier 

Some people have a crazy misconception that being above a certain age means that they shouldn’t wear certain things. In reality, anyone can wear anything that he or she chooses. It really doesn’t matter how old a person is. If a person wants to wear something revealing, that is his or her business. What is arguably more troublesome is that some older people feel that they are “too old” to wear certain colors and prints—even if those clothes are more modest. 

Think Practically 

Before you purchase any article of clothing, think about your needs regarding that piece of clothing. For example, are you in the process of shopping for trendy boots when what you really need is a pair of sneakers to work out in? Are you buying paper-thin skinny jeans when you should really be buying three pairs of sweatpants for the cold weather? If you are buying a backpack, are you buying a backpack because it feels comfortable and is durable, or because it is trendy? If there is an article of clothing that you like, think of how it will fit into the rest of your life. Think about whether it will be a safety hazard.

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