Performance Apparel has long been the choice for outdoorsmen, athletes, and people on the go. Although there are different types of performance apparel, we will discuss Performance Long Sleeve Shirts. Let’s dive into the Science and technology of the creation, and the awesome benefits for the consumer. You can click here for some fashion performance information from Wikipedia. 

Aside from becoming quite stylish in recent years, these special shirts provide several highly needed benefits. Weather Protection will start our list of benefits. Whether, enduring a hot, sweltering, rainy, or cold day, Long sleeve performance shirts, work wonders. A very important feature is, these shirts are designed to insulate your body heat. Thus, helping protect one from hyperthermia, while allowing the body to fully and comfortably engage in its activity. During those scorching hot days, these shirts, not only block the direct sunlight to your arms and torso but help allow the body to remain cool. 

On a more serious note, believe it or not, the fabric that is used for protection from the sun can be the most government regulated. SPF, (Sun Protection Factor) and UPF, (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) are regulated textiles or fabrics. These fabrics are designed to protect against direct sunlight. From Australia to the United States, including the FDA, the Sun screening fibers or fabrics that go into enhancing the skin’s protection effectiveness is truly a science. Check out this video giving a better understanding of SPF and UPF explained by Advanced Dermatology Houston. 

In my humble opinion and the opinion of many athletes, the biggest benefit of these amazing shirts is Moisture management technology. Let’s discuss. When rain or water touches the material of these amazing shirts, it simply beads and rolls away. Once the body begins to sweat, the moisture is absorbed by the fabric, thus keeping the active person virtually uninterrupted and free to fully engage in the sport or activity practically cool and dry. In more technical terms, and I quote, ” — Among other characteristics, moisture management refers to a fabric’s ability to wick 
moisture away from the skin and evaporate, thereby helping to keep skin cool. Water vapor resistance testing can be an effective measure of a fabric’s moisture management capabilities.” 

Performance apparel has become a major driving force of the clothing and textile industry. With the use of new, lighter fabrics, coupled with people living longer and having more active lifestyles, technologies are being used to keep up with the performance apparel demand. Although I understand this subject fairly well, I believe that to fully appreciate an understanding of this topic, I want to share a video from the CEO of Alvanon HK LTD. Her name is Janice Wang. She has an excellent explanation of the disruption and innovation of high-performance apparel. Click here to view

The last benefit we will discuss, that was mentioned earlier, is temperature regulation. Although some of the textile giants have argued on the most effective fabrics to use for temperature control, it seems that cotton has remained the fabric of choice. Although synthetic fabrics claimed Lion’s share of the market some time ago, cotton seems to remain king for now. That’s of course, with certain added fabrics and technologies. The ability for cotton to become wet from sweating and then act as a cooling cloth after that workout is truly a needed benefit. Plus, it’s natural. With the use of cotton, in the making of performance wear, these shirts will be around for as long as there are athletes and people on the go. 

There will always be a need for the added benefits of performance-wear as opposed to wearing what’s around the house or gym. Imagine planning your daily, weekly or occasional workout knowing your gear will keep you comfortable is extremely motivational. Building momentum is very important in maintaining a balanced physical health regimen, performance gear helps keep it enjoyable. 

Conclusion: Performance Shirts have evolved over the years. Quite a bit of technology has gone into making these shirts effective in the everyday, active and outgoing lives of athletes and people on the go. The science has become so deep, that colors are tested to enhance its benefit to the user. 

If living an active life is your thing or you have a loved one who stays on the go, physically, make sure that you keep plenty of these shirts around. They are designed very stylishly now, to keep up with the constant lifestyle changes and are designed to help you be a better you. Why not get yourself a few now.

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