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Jewelry touches the skin and provides a very personal way to display not only style, but also lifestyle. It can be a unique way to share about aspects of life and the people it is shared with. Many people feel close to loved ones who have passed away when they wear their jewelry. Wearing jewelry that someone special in your life once wore can be a way to honor their memory and also to feel connected to them in a physical way. It is additionally a way to share their memory with other people who may comment on the jewelry. 

Other ways to feel connected to loved ones who have passed on include wearing memorial jewelry. Rather than being a piece of jewelry that the loved one him or herself actually wore, this is a piece of jewelry made and worn in memory of them. Types of memorial jewelry include necklaces with photo charms or lockets, and also custom designed rings. Other types of memorial jewelry include many memorial bracelets

These bracelets can be as unique as the person being memorialized. There are options in a wide variety of price points. Some are more general remembrances, such as bracelets featuring angel wings, or featuring a well known quote and symbol. Others are extremely personal, such as fingerprint likenesses or jewelry including cremation ashes. There are even customized bracelets that can be engraved with the likeness of a personally handwritten note from the loved one. 

Bracelets can often times include engravings on both sides of the bracelet. This allows for one side being open for all to see, while the other side remains more intimately turned toward the wearer. Engravings of the dates of the loved ones life on earth can also be customized. Photo charm bracelets and nameplate bracelets are another unique and well loved way to wear memorial jewelry. 

As is the case with many types of arts and crafts, do it yourself memorial jewelry making kits are also available. This may even be an activity to do with other members of a grief support group who understand the process of the grief journey and the complexities and unexpected aspects of it. Psych Central acknowledges that the feelings and varying intensities of grief related emotions are normal parts of the process and offers tips for dealing with sorrow. The tips include having the community and reinforcement from a grief group and also involving yourself in an activity or organization that benefits others. 

There are even bracelet sales and events that raise money for a cause, such as disease or drug awareness. That is one way that those in mourning may wish to engage with a good cause, perhaps even in honor of their loved one. Money Crashers offers a helpful list of common types of places that typically need volunteers, and it is a great way to use personal strengths to benefit the entire community. In addition to the ideas listed in the post, there may also be family members or friends who would benefit from assistance and extra attention. Sadness is very real, and recognizing both the life of the loved one, as well as the continuation of your life are all part of the process. 


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