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With Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as we commonly call it, around the corner, it is time for you to put your thinking caps on again. Even though you and your sibling fight tooth and nail or don’t see eye to eye on a daily basis, you cannot ignore the deep-seated love and affection you bear for them. You know deep down that you would fight the world for them, if the need for that ever arose.

The festival of Rakhi is the celebration of the million moments you have spent together with your sibling. Whether you admit it or not, it is these moments that brought you closer as a family. It is amidst all your differences that you began realizing how similar you are to each other.

Rakhi is also one of those days in the year when you withdraw your arms and make a truce with your sibling. And even though your sibling may not really care about the gift you plan on getting them, you must not forget that it is the effort that counts. So, to help you go about your Rakhi gift shopping, here’s a list of five gift options that are both trending and budget-friendly.

Rakhi-themed gifts

The market today is full of options when it comes to gifts suiting a particular theme or event. Searching online you will find some interesting Rakhi gift options in this regard. Featuring chic patterns and bearing “Best sister/brother in the world” tag or something similar on them, gifts like Rakhi-themed cushions and mugs are among some of the most popular items at present.


What is better than one gift? A collection of gifts! Hampers have always been a popular choice, because of the very simple reason that everyone likes them. Unlike what you might think, hampers are not all expensive or boring. For some of the freshest and modern Rakhi gift hamper options, you can consider grooming sets, perfumes, make up kits and so on for your sibling.

Personalized Gifts

One of the hottest options when it comes to gifting, personalized gifts are also among the best-suited gifts for this occasion. Having grown alongside them, your sibling is someone you have spent the most memorable times with. You can bring this to your advantage and help them relive all those memorable times through a personalized gift. You can go on and include a sweet message for your sibling if you like.


Though this may not be unique, it is most definitely one of the most loved gift items worldwide. No one ever complained upon receiving chocolates for gifts. Chocolates are luxury in their own right and the best part is that they are available across varied price ranges. Right from chocolate bars, chocolate boxes to the creatively made chocolate bouquets; you will find a plethora of options to consider.


Yes, you read it right. With the world adopting different techniques for battling various environmental issues, a gift of green plants is one of the best things that you can get your sibling. You will find a wide variety of small potted plants that you can choose from, for this purpose. It can be a flowery plant, an herb or any other type of plant you like.

Today, people not only have the option to send Rakhi online in India, but also gifts, chocolates and flower bouquets. So, get online and get searching for that particular Rakhi gift(s) that you want to gift to your sibling.



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