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You have likely noticed a rise in vape pen popularity in recent years, regardless of whether you’re new to cannabis or an avid user. Although it may seem odd to outsiders, vape pens have been gaining popularity because of the many benefits they offer over traditional methods of consumption.

Vape pens are easy to use and discreet. They also produce less odor than smoking flowers. One thing that every vape user is aware of is the high cost of CBD and THC oils cartridges. This can be frustrating for those who are running out quickly.

There are simple ways to prolong the life of your cartridges. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take to make sure your cartridges last longer.

Please Read the Instructions

To ensure you are properly using your vape pens and that you are correctly pairing them with the correct cartridges, you must read the owner’s manual. Although we all have been guilty of buying products without consulting the owner’s manual, it could be a cost-saving move that saves you money over the long term.

Store Cartridges Properly

If you want to get the best out of your vape pen or zkittlez cartridge, it is important that you know where and how to store them. It is common for cartridges to evaporate in hot environments so make sure they are kept dry and cool. To reduce evaporation, it is a good idea to store your cartridges vertically with their mouthpiece facing down.

Take The Altitude

High altitude is a cause of poor vape pen performance that many users don’t know about. High altitude travel can cause an increase in pressure which can force air into the device. This can lead to poor performance and leaks.

Make Use of the Right Equipment

It is important that you only use cartridges that are made specifically for your vape pen to get the best out of your cartridges. Even though a cartridge that isn’t designed for your vape pen may seem to fit and work, it could be a waste of product. It is possible for different vape pens and cartridges to work together.

Check for Leaks

You may notice that you’re using more oil than usual. If this happens, it is worth checking your cartridges or vape pen for any leaks. You may be able to return your pen or cartridge to the manufacturer for a replacement. Make sure to clean your vape pen after a cartridge leak. If you leave it too long, the oil can dry on your pen and cause serious damage to its components.

How to Check if Your Cartridges Are Really Empty

You should make sure your cartridges are empty if you don’t seem to get as much use from them as you thought. There may be oil in the bottom of the cartridge or along its sides that have hardened.

You may be able to use a toothpick to remove hardened oil from the sides or bottom of the cartridges. If you suspect there is any residual liquid, flip the cartridge upside-down over a shot glass and let it drain. You can then use the contents of your empty cartridges to make a paste or put it on a piece of paper.

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