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Remaining at the forefront of fashion trends has never been easier thanks to the vast array of blogs out there. The problem is knowing which ones you should prioritise when time is short. To help you out, here is a guide to some of the best fashion bloggers around.







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Man Repeller

Whether you prefer maxi dresses, hotpants or baggy jeans, you can’t fail to fall in love with the irreverent style of the hilarious New Yorker. Leandra Medine launched her blog after discussing with a friend how fashion-forward outfits can also be men repellers – hence the name of her outrageously funny yet informative offering.

The blog is packed with not-to-be-missed insights such as the difference between Dad and Mom jeans, along with lots of style news and fun features. This is one for the ladies who want to be united by a love of high fashion.

SheWearsFashion or Kavita Donkersley

Hailing from Sheffield, this Yorkshire lass now lives in London and has grown up in the blogging arena, from #OOTD shots when she was just 16 to full Coachella VIP status. Today this blog is worth a look whether you like to know that AX Paris sell maxi dresses online or that Gucci has a new handbag to buy right now.







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This girl knows how to blend all style spectrums to create bold colourful looks that shine through a multitude of occasions. Read more about what your own colour choices say about you at

Bisous Natasha or Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha is a London-based model and blogger with an international reputation and a love of creating effortless-looking outfits that still manage to come out at the top of the style stakes, whether she’s wearing edgy sportswear or a floaty maxi dress.

Over the Rainbow aka Camille Charriere

Camille is a Parisian girl but now lives in London and successfully mixes Parisian chic with on-trend styles. Her blog is an interesting mix of inspirational outfit insights and the lowdown on brands and trends. She also has a boutique section on her site where you can easily find all the pieces Camille herself loves.

SheDoesHim or Alison Graham

Alison is a Jamaican Brooklyn-based blogger specialising in menswear. She’s a master of pattern mixing and has the talent to take casual wear to stratospheric new levels.

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