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The fire is one of the hazardous elements in the entire planet. We need to take every safety procedure to get rid of fire accidents. The fire needs some sort of spark in the initial stage to get into its final shape and that would flames of fire.  It can destroy whatever comes to its way. It’s advisable to take an action to stop the fire from its initial stage and once it gets into its final shape then it would nearly impossible to stop it. The science is researching in inventing a different type of fire safety equipment to have control over fire accidents. It’s really important to know that how can fire accidents happen and which steps you need to take to control the fire. You can’t predict the occurrence of fire accident insist you can install the fire safety equipment to minimize the chance of the fire accidents. Besides that, you should have the fire extinguishers servicing to make assure that you are having a safe place from fire accidents. There are numerous other fire safety equipment’s which helps you in controlling the fire rapidly but before installing the fire equipment’s, you should understand which type of fire you can face in your lives.

Types of fire

The need for fire equipment is increasing with the passage of time as the peoples are getting aware of safety procedure from fire accidents. Besides that, it’s in the law of the government to install the fire equipment in the places such as commercial buildings or companies which can easily get to the fire accidents. This fire equipment’s named as the life safety equipment too. Now gets back to understand the different types of fires and which fire equipment could be helpful in controlling the fire. There are mainly 3 type’s fires that you can face in your lives.

  • Wood fire

This is one of the common fire accidents that you can face in your daily lives and it can easily get in control except with it happen within the jungles. You can use any type of fire extinguisher to get the wood fire in control. There are some tips of using the fire extinguisher and while you are installing it. It’s really important for the owner of companies to organize classes where they can teach their employees about the using procedure of fire equipment.

  • Electric fire

This is one the dangerous fire accident that you ever could imagine. The electric fire will follow rapidly and could provide serious injuries and even death. While you are facing any type of electric fire, you should turn off the main supply panel and don’t use the water extinguisher while you are facing the electric fire. The water extinguisher will help the electric fire to grow rapidly. For this type of scenario, you need to have the fire extinguisher servicing to have the best control.

  • Chemical fire

The chemical fire is also the dangerous fire accident that you can face and control the chemical fire isn’t an easy task. You would surely have the need of higher level of fire equipment for the chemical fire. These are some types of fires that you can face in your lives and these equipment are useful in controlling the fire.






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