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It’s just September, and some may believe that there’s still plenty of time before Christmas, so there’s no reason to hurry out and buy gifts for your loved ones. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. Because stores are known for stocking Christmas goods early, there’s a good possibility you won’t be able to find any great gifts if you wait until the beginning of December to start shopping. This is why you should begin organizing your shopping trips now, and if you need some inspiration, here are a few items that would make excellent gifts this Christmas season:

Advent calendar

Advent calendars make excellent gifts for someone you’ll visit at the beginning of December, such as a cousin or a distant relative that you won’t be able to see during the holidays. This way, this present will remind them of you for at least 24 days. Advent calendars are considered to be great because they come in different shapes and sizes, with makeup, skincare products, socks, chocolate, and even clothing inside. They also come in a variety of pricing ranges, so you can get a pretty cheap one with various types of chocolate or desserts inside, or you can go for a really fancy calendar from a well-known company that can cost you up to a few hundred dollars.


A sweater is usually a wonderful choice for a present, whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater or an exquisite one that can be worn on numerous occasions throughout the year. It’s a fantastic present for when you’re gathered in the living room on Christmas Eve exchanging gifts and making New Year’s resolutions. You can go as wild as you want with a sweater. You can purchase them a Harry Potter-themed one, such as a knitted sweater with their initials on it, similar to the ones worn by the Weasley family every year. If you know precisely what they want and are willing to spend a bit extra, you can get your friend a designer piece. If your friend is interested in mythology and folklore, you could want to try buying a traditional one, such as a Celtic Irish wool sweater from Tara Irish Clothing, so that your friend appreciates such a thoughtful present.

Coloring book

Anti-stress coloring books are a great gift for your friends or family members that have to work in high-stress environments and have many responsibilities and tasks to perform during the day. Some people believe that activities like drawing and coloring are only for kids, however there are numerous high-quality coloring books with plenty of details and wonderful designs that may help your friends relax, meditate, and calm down after at work. It can also become a fun family that will engage all of the members of your family. Choose one with a Christmas painting for a quiet evening or one with a more summery theme, such as a Maldives painting for a friend who dislikes the cold and dreams about a tropical vacation.


We all know how great mugs are as gifts, but few people think of surprising their friends with a thermos. This is a more practical and transportable gift that is ideal for the winter months. It will keep hot liquids like tea, coffee, cocoa, or maybe even mulled wine warm all day for your friend to savor. Thermoses are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, making it easy to choose one that will make a meaningful gift for people of various ages and professions. If you’re not sure which one to choose, a classic black one is the best bet, but if you know your friend’s interests, you can pick one that best suits their lifestyle and preferences.

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