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Whether shopping in person at the store or online, it feels great to get a bargain. It may happen to you occasionally, but some people always seem to get them. Whether by pure luck or skills, it would feel great if you could get bargains without effort.

Do not fret! Getting bargains is as easy as getting deals like the Harbor Freight coupon and free shipping code online. Here are some ways you can get bargains the next time you shop.

Get Coupons

Make it a principle to never shop without finding coupons first. They are out there! It is as simple as a Google search. You can also use apps and websites to gather coupon information. You can download the apps, search for a store, and voila! You will have a list of coupons and discounts with ratings from other users. With little effort, you can get thirty percent off your purchase.

Find Free Shipping

It does not feel worth it to get a bargain if you must pay high shipping prices. It does not matter how spectacular your deal was; you will probably lose the savings on shipping costs. So, what is the solution? Be patient. Look for free shipping offers. You can buy nearly everything online without paying for shipping. You can check out some websites for free shipping codes and offers.

Store Pickups

You can also avoid paying outrageous shipping costs by picking up your purchase in person at the store. It is convenient, you will save money, and you can even pick up your purchase on the same day. Simple!

Negotiate – Talk to the Chatbox

In person, you can haggle with the vendor and reach a fair price for both of you. However, how do you do this online? You can install a plug-in to your browser and shop as usual. The plug-in will pop up and give you suggestions on what to offer for an item.

You can also use the chatbox on the website. It can help you score some extra savings. Ask for promo codes or special sales. They will share them with you. You can also ask if they can still honor your expired coupon. They may do that because they want to keep you as a customer. Hence, make sure you ask.

Do Your Homework

Get to know the prices for the items you want in different stores. Then as you shop, let the people at the store know that the product or service is cheaper in the other store. Stores participate in price matching with their competitors. Thus, they may end up lowering the price for you. Give it a try! It may work for you.

Right Time

Different items may cost less at various times, days, or seasons. Therefore, keep an eye out. The holidays are perfect examples.


Shopping without a budget will not benefit you even if you get bargains. There is no point to it! So before going shopping, online or in-person, budget for what you need

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