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Recent years have seen a rise in the number of men returning to vintage styles for their clothing rather than donning sleek modern fashions. Obviously, there can be a sense of comfort in returning to happy times in history, but there is a range of other benefits as well. These benefits all come together to ensure your vintage outfit is as cool as it is comfortable.

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When you wear clothes from a particular time period, you are connected to that time period. This is especially true with iconic outfits such as the aviator jacket. Make yourself feel like one of the daring pilots of the early days of aviation and you will certainly come across as one of the coolest guys in the room. It is this sense of history that adds character and authenticity to a vintage outfit, whether male or female, especially when you build on the memory of those who wore it before.


Rather than the pristine look of a new suit, vintage outfits have an excuse for looking rugged and rough around the edges. There is a real, lived-in quality to vintage menswear that gives it extra character and allows you to stand out from the more uniform crowd who are probably wearing factory-produced garb. This kind of stylish carelessness in an outfit is becoming more fashionable and for good reason. Authenticity has become one of the keywords in modern fashion.


Clothing of the past was much more focused on serving a functional purpose than it was meeting an aesthetically pleasing but otherwise impractical fashion standard. There is no waste in vintage menswear, and you can be sure your outfit is serving you in comfort and style. Look at Farah from EJ Menswear to see how Farah alone can provide clothes both practical and fashionable. It is just one of the many brands available for stylish clothes both modern and more vintage.


Just because a style is old-fashioned, it does not mean it does not look good. The suits of the 1930s and 1950s had strong, clean and balanced lines that ensured the wearer produced an eye-catching silhouette. If you do choose clothing from those decades, you can also tie your outfit into the wider modernist movement of the 20th century, making you part of a much bigger style movement.


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