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Living in the city has it’s perks but at the same time, there are cons to living in a large city. If you live in apartment buildings or condo’s, there are limited spaces for outdoor living. Along with the limited space, there are many rules as to what you are permitted to do in the outdoor space. But if you do have space and limited rules, here are some things that you might want to consider. 

The outdoor living space should be inviting, open and relaxing. It should welcome guests into your space without the feeling of sitting on top of one another and relaxing enough that they can enjoy the time that they are there. Your outdoor space should include seating, tables to place drinks on and a place to cook. 

Grill Dealer Queens NY has the perfect solution. They offer some of the best grills around and with many different options, there will be one to definitely please your taste buds. A grill is more than just a grill and a place to cook. It is a place to create delicious meals and to create perfect meals for guests and family. 

The are various sizes of grills for you to enjoy. The size of the grill will depend on the amount of BTU’s that you want to have as well as the space to cook on. The higher the BTU’s, the more space generally you have to cook on. The number of burners will also depend on the size of the grill. If you want to enjoy a large meal at once with a large group, you will want to have a larger size grill. If you are predicting to only prepare meals for smaller numbers, a larger grill is still feasible as you use less burners and less cooking space. 

The next dilemma that you are faced with deciding on is if you prefer to cook on a gas grill or a charcoal grill. If you prefer to cook with charcoal, then you already know that it takes more patience and more time to cook on. There are advantages to using both types of grills. The charcoal will allow for a slower cook and helps to keep meats cooking at an even temp. 

The downside is that you have to wait longer for the grill to cool down before you can clean it out and you have a mess to clean after cooking. A propane grill is going to let the owner cool the grill down quicker and there is less mess to clean up after cooking. Not only that, you can purchase propane tanks which can be exchanged at nearly most service stations and larger stores year round. If you want to cook with charcoal, stores are limited on the number of bags they carry during off seasons. These are all the things to consider when deciding what type of grill you want to purchase and the amount of space that you have to place in a grill in inside of your outdoor living space.


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