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There’s nothing like a clean house to make you feel comfortable and put you in a great mood. As nice as having a clean house feels, it can sometimes be a lot of work to maintain. And if you’re a stay at home mom with a couple of kids, then you know all too well how to maneuver a broom. And to think, back in the day, our elders didn’t have the conveniences of technology that we have today. Everything had to be done practically by hand, including cleaning the floor. 
My grandmother used to get down on her hands and knees and scrub the floor with soapy water. It’s no wonder women had to stay at home because heck, it would take all day just to clean. It’s also no wonder everyone had hardwood or tiled floors. Can you imagine trying to sweep an entire carpet? Thank God for Mr. Hoover and the vacuum cleaner! 

The vacuum cleaner has been one of the best modern day inventions to let any housewife tell it. And, any working woman as well for that matter since the handy piece of machinery gets cleaning done in a fraction of the time. Not only is using the vacuum cleaner fast, it also leaves those cute little rowed designs which I personally love. Not to mention the use of carpet fresheners! I absolutely love them. There’s nothing like lying or walking on a freshly vacuumed carpet. It feels so plush and smells so good! 

While some people, due to the climate they live in, do not get to enjoy carpeting in the home as it would be too hot, others in colder climates get to take full advantage. People in areas like Buffalo, New York and Issaquah, Washington I’m sure have carpeting in their homes. For residents of Issaquah, keeping their carpets clean is easy. By searching for some vacuums issaquah wa, they’ll find a list of reputable vacuum dealers with no problem. 

What I personally love about carpeting is not only it’s functionality, but also it’s aesthetic. It adds a really nice touch to a room, especially when it’s wall to wall. Area rugs have a really nice effect as well and actually enhance the room as well as the furniture. This works nicely in living rooms with the rug underneath the coffee table, highlighting it as the centerpiece. Small rugs are nice in the bedroom as well, just underneath the bed so as to prevent stepping onto a cold floor. 

I like area rugs in some cases but I prefer full carpeting in my bedroom. For ease of cleaning and sanitary purposes, I opt for hardwood or tiled floors in my living areas. These are high traffic areas and so I really like to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned after guest have gone. My family and I go shoe-less wherever there is carpeting, which is our entire upstairs, and enjoy the soft fibrous material underneath our feet. Thanks Mr. Hoover!

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