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Crazy Halloween contacts are such an amazing way to spruce up the Halloween outfits, aren’t they? A pair of contacts that perfectly matches and compliments your outfit is just a dream come true!

If you find this hard to believe, you are free to go and try this: wear your costume with and without the matching contacts to see the immense difference they make! I dare say, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Let’s go ahead and try to list down the top seven contact lenses that should definitely be on your list this Halloween:

Alien Xtreme

These extremely unique green lenses are truly a gem.While the color green itself is a delight in itself, what’s even more attractive about them is the cat-like slit in the middle of the contact lenses.

They’re also available in different a variety of different wear times, ranging from one day disposable ones to three month wear time reusable ones. If the aim is to truly disguise oneself as an alien this Halloween, then these lenses would make an excellent choice for sure. They are out of this world!

Angelic Blue

Now these lenses would put the Chucky doll to shame! The intense blue of the lenses appear to be searching the very depths of your soul. But wouldn’t you say there are many other blue lenses? What makes these so special?

Well, the truly stunning part of these lenses is a jagged black outline which will definitely throw your audience off! Not only are the lenses horrifyingly unique on the whole, they would also perfectly compliment a range of costumes. For instance, anyone planning to be a possessed doll such as the chucky doll, or chuckys’ bride even would do well to try these lenses out!


If you want to get eyes as black as the night, look no further. These deep black lenses are super different from anything you will ever find. The color is truly opaque and rather than just making your eyes look darker, these will perfectly immerse your eyes in black!

If you’re planning to be a really horrifying person like a mummy for instance, or just a demon from the night; this would be the perfect way to wrap up your look.

Blind White

Welcome to the freakiest lenses ever created! The blind white lenses are really not what you would expect. They are a milky white color and I can only imagine the horror of anyone who would encounter someone with milky white lenses at night.

Perhaps the most unique feature of these lenses is the fact that they do let some of your natural eye color seep through. So while your eyes will look a disturbing white from far, the pupil will be visible from closer up. This attribute also makes them look a lot more realistic.

Bloody Red

With all the rage about vampires due to popular series The Vampire Diaries as well as the Twilight saga, it comes as no surprise then that there always a number of vampires at every Halloween, does it?

With all the crazy Halloween contacts available in the market, these are probably the most interesting ones and maybe the scariest too. What makes these particular lenses so realistic and lifelike are the black pupils that have been incorporated into the design.

Ice Walker

The ice walker lenses are a penetrating turquoise color, something that isn’t all that common in lenses. The design of the lenses acknowledges the different patterns or marking of a human eye and mimics them, so that the final product looks terrifyingly real.

Game of Thrones is one series that has gained considerable momentum and a significant fan following. These lenses have been designed keeping the white walkers from the series in mind, who were basically petrifying dead people with the full functionality of humans.


Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory here isn’t it? But, these lenses will surprise you! I for one, had no clue such lenses could be made or were being made. They are deep black lenses with a swirl on top of them! How crazy is that?

Any one daring to look you in the eyes for even a short while is sure to end up with a fuzzy head! I can imagine the super creative costumes that can be paired with these fun lenses, though. You’ll be sure to steal the limelight with these.

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are so many others available for you to experiment. All of the lenses have options available for wear times such as the daily disposable kind, one month and three month options too.

Lenses, whether fancy ones or basic ones, require about the same level of care and maintenance so keeping those basic rules in mind is always recommended for safe use.

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