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Whether you have a destination vacation planned this summer, or you are going to take in the sights of your local city, what you wear is going to have a big impact. Wearing the wrong outfits for your activities can transform a day planned for fun into a painful and uncomfortable experience. Read on to discover a few tips to make your fashion work for you this summer.

Style and Comfort

Make your summer wardrobe complete by choosing a style that suits you. Clothing lines like Cowgirl Up Apparel have given western styled clothes a modern twist for a fresh look. Airy, flowing clothes with vibrant colors create a trendy boho vibe. If you plan on doing some hiking, ensure you wear layers. A thin long sleeved jacket can protect you from surprise rainfall and be tucked into a backpack easily if it gets hot. Footwear is important to consider as well. Trendy heels are fashionable and beautiful, but they do not handle beach sand or the boardwalk well. Keep some simple and cute flats tucked in a bag to keep your feet feeling great all day. No matter what style of clothing you wear, stay cool in the summer months with shorter sleeves, shorts and breathable material. 

Sun Protection

Relaxing by the beach for hours is a great way to spend your summer days. Coming home with a serious sunburn is not, however, so be mindful of the sun during your activities. Whether you are hiking on a trail, walking down a shopping district or laying by the pool, sun protection is important. Wear a hat and SPF sunscreen to keep your skin safe during your summer fun. Sunglasses with UV protection in the lenses are a wise choice if you plan on spending a lot of time outside in the bright sun. Staying hydrated is another way to keep yourself safe in the heat, so carry a water bottle on your excursions.

Have Flexible Options

Many summer activities tend to transition from day to night, so wear items that can transition with you. Use your accessories wisely. Bracelets like bangles are stackable and colorful so you can build a color palette for your own taste. These simple and cute bracelets also transition from a beach day to a casual dinner with ease. Sarongs are another great option for summer wear. They transform from a chilly morning shawl to a tie-off skirt when the clouds dissipate and reveal perfect beach weather. Large summer bags are not just fashionable accessories, they are necessities. Tuck a small bottle of sunscreen, water and some comfortable footwear inside so you are prepared for whatever the day brings.

Your summer vacation is yours for the taking. Don’t let poor clothing and accessory choices put a damper on your fun activities. Protect your skin from burning, and make sure your clothing is breathable so you can keep going all day. Express yourself with fun accessories and make sure every moment you spend is one worth repeating.

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