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For parents who have more than one child, you know how important it gets for each of them to have ownership. When planning a vacation that involves water, sand and sun, a beach towel is a must. An oversized and colorful beach towel is ideal for preventing wet feet in the beach cottage. Beach towels can also double as sitting or sleeping mat for small children both indoors and outdoor.

Suggestions on Personalized Towels for kids

Kids love things that are tailor made for them. So, you can buy a personalized towel to ensure that the time kids have at the beach is made more enjoyable.

  1. First, you can pick beach towel based on the favorite color of your child. For instance, if your child likes all things blue, opt for a blue towel and if your child loves red, go for a red towel.

  2. Next, there is a vast range of designs available in beach towels. For girls, flower designs can be chosen and for boys, designs or prints of their favorite sports team can be picked.

  3. Third, you can buy a plain towel and then sew a name tag on the beach towel or monogram it with the initials of your child.

  4. Fourth, a lot of kids towels come with prints of the different characters from books, movies, comics and television. Characters like Little Mermaid, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Dora and Power Rangers, are immensely popular amongst the kids. Older youngsters, may rather enjoy a pop artists or a sports idol on the beach towel and matching design s in kids and silver Unicorn jewellery

  5. For a really personalized towel, you can get the picture of your child screen printed on the towel.

Based on the liking, preferences and taste of your child, you can pick the beach towel. There are several online stores that stock a huge variety in personalized beach towels for kids.

Prerequisites for buying beach towels for kids

  1. The fabric of the beach towel that you pick must be soft. Children’s skin is a little more sensitive as compared to the skin of the adults. So, you’ll want something that is gentle on the skin and dries away the moisture with ease.

  2. Never let kids wear rough and scratchy towels especially when they have a sunburn or an insect bite as this can cause irritation on the skin.

  3. Quality cotton terrycloth is one of the most ideal pick for the beach towel. You can also opt for linen towels. Irrespective of the fabric of the towel, you must strictly avoid color fast threads as they may either fade or cause staining.

Care for your beach towel

In order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the damp towels, you can apply vinegar treatment. For this, you’ll have to soak the beach towel for half an hour in a tub full of wash water combined with a 1 cup of white vinegar. This can be followed by regular washing cycle.

Final Say

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